Online video strategies of fast food brands on Twitter


Master of Science (Corporate Communications) Thesis that investigated video content strategies of American fast food brands on Twitter. The research included generation of a systematic codebook based on previous research and assessment of the effectiveness of each video strategy through the engagement actions of likes, comments and shares. Statistical analysis involved running three multiple regression models using SPSS program. In this way both qualitative and quantitative content analysis was performed in the span of 3 months (April, 2020 – June, 2020).


  • Consistent communication with thesis supervisor
  • Literature review for development of theoretical framework, past research and codebook
  • Twitter API use for data collection
  • SPSS analysis and multiple regression model development


  • 7.6/10 = 76%
  • Research results:
    • Stories (a unique characteristic of video communication) improved engagement
    • Videos that include dialogue, indoor and urban imagery reduce engagement levels