Employer branding of large and small organizations on LinkedIn


Group project on quantitative content analysis of large (established) and small (start-up) organizations on LinkedIn which included three presentations, generation of academic article and poster creation. The project was completed for the Strategic Communications of Organizations course at University of Amsterdam during my MSc Corporate Communications. The project analyzed how organizations portray their brand as an employer on LinkedIn job advertisements and compared between the two types of organizations.


  • Collaborated with 4 other students to produce an article and poster
  • Researched previous literature on the topic and generated the theoretical framework
  • Edited the whole article before submission
  • Asked questions to lecturer regarding the project and kept track of progress
  • Contributed to multiple other sections of the project


  • In top 5 best results among all group projects in Corporate Communication track, Strategic Communication of Organizations course
  • Research results:
    • Small organizations revealed more information about their history, mission and/or vision, non-physical work environment as well as attracted job applicants with more decision-making opportunities, future career development, work-life balance and other additional incentives
    • Large organizations mention more about the diversity of countries they operate in in relation to their smaller counterparts