“A Unique Bond” campaign


Boehringer Ingelheim


Digital and Internal Communications Trainee


Internal and External Communications Campaign to promote Boehringer Ingelheim’s two divisions of animal health and human pharma. “A Unique Bond” is a campaigns that shows the bond between man and their pet in the importance of fighting diseases for both. I was given full independence over executing project on local level across 4 countries in terms of website, social media (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) and internal tools.


  • Manage agency communications, local translations, budgeting, POs, and project schedule
  • Localize and approve global content for local relevance
    • Content consisted of paid and organic videos and video screenshots that were promoted across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Liaise and collaborate with local communications managers and website developers on content
  • Update managers using work-in-progress sheets and reports
  • Publish, track and analyze paid and organic content on social media and website as well as internally through newsletter, Intranet article and narrowcasting on screens


  • Over 60K visits to all countries’ websites
  • Video views averages across all 4 countries:
    • Facebook – 600 views organic, 2,000 views paid
    • YouTube – 300 views
  • Image (video screenshots)
    • Facebook & Instagram – 1,500 impressions

Watch country (The Netherlands) example here

Website example (Sweden) here