International grocery stores in Amsterdam

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It’s lockdown and what else is there to do, but explore some authentic grocery stores from a different country? There is quite an abundance of them in and very close to Amsterdam due to the large expat community around the capital of The Netherlands.

Personally, going to a particular culture’s grocery shop seems as the second-best thing to do after visiting that country or culture. You can even make it into a challenge with your friends or for a date. How about going to one of these (and thus, supporting smaller local shops rather than big chains) and cooking up one dish from that culture?

And here is my list of favorite international grocery stores in the vicinity of Amsterdam. If you have suggestions or additions for more, do let me know in the comments!

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Abyssinia African Grocery store delivers many handmade products, hair care products, clothes as well as foods from East Africa.


Argentinian store La Reinita in Amsterdam West offers a range of typical pastries and groceries.


There are quite a few Asian supermarkets which offer a variety of foods from all over the continent. The most popular ones are the Hong Kong Superstore and the Amazing Oriental. Here I would also like to mention Tijn’s Toko as it provides a wide assortment of Asian, American and other groceries.


I may be from the Balkans, but only recently I discovered from some Australian friends this Balkan grocery store. I love it when this happens! It’s called Prijatelji (I believe it means ‘friends’, but there are Serbian comics under the same name). Please, correct me if I am wrong! It is a wine cellar and focuses on cheeses and other snacks.


One Brazilian store is Finalmente Brasil in Amsterdam West. It seems that many international grocery stores are concentrated in that area of the city. Moreover, it’s a great place to get ingredients for brigadeiro!

British, American, Australian, South African and New Zealand

The native English-speaking community is probably the largest group of expats in The Netherlands hence why there are a lot of options for grocery stores. Many of these also do deliveries alongside their physical stores. The most popular ones are Kelly’s Expat ShoppingA Taste of Home and Die Spens (for solely South African foods).


Call me biased, but since I am from Bulgaria, I had to include 2 of the grocery stores I know of. Actually, this is how the idea for this article came to be. You can find some Bulgarian cheeses, wines, yoghurts, sweets and more at Bulgarije shop and Kapriz.


Do you fancy an Indian curry with authentic ingredients? Well, you can visit these stores for a great selection of Indian groceries – Little India and Authentic India.


My Israeli friend recently showed me the typical Gold Star beer and I was interested in where one can purchase it. There apparently is a JUMBO with an Israeli food section here. Additionally, if you feel like having some typical baked goods, bakery Laromme has some great ones and it is also very close to the abovementioned JUMBO.


Apart from the native English speaking community’s grocery stores, Italian stores are also all-around Amsterdam. Many people love pasta, Italian olive oil and cheeses, wines and more, so the popularity is justified. Two of my favorite are Casa Del Gusto and Terre Lente.


I am putting a separate section for Japanese foods though some of their groceries can be found in the Asian stores referred to above. Japanse Delicatessen Atariya delivers anything Japanese you could think of!


This section is for supermarkets with a mix of foods from around the world. Both De Volkskruidentuin and Bario Market have good reviews. If you are in the neighborhood, why not check them out.


Looking for a Spanish deli? Look no further, Ibericus Amsterdam offers some great fresh meat choices and more.


There are also a few Russian grocery stores. Blin has anything from Russian matryoshka dolls to cheese and beer. Another one is Mini Mix Amsterdam, which the name may not suggest so, but it does have products from Russia, Eastern Europe and Armenia.


Turkey may be last in this alphabetic list, but Turkish delights and more are not to be missed. Efe Food bakery delivers a range of baklavas and breads, whereas Nuri Genco is a typical Turkish grocery store.

Enjoy exploring some authentic products from all over the world. Have I missed your country/culture? Let me know in the comments!