Critical analysis of user-generated content


This critical analysis was submitted as part of the summative assessment for the Brands and Organizations on Social Media course during my MSci Corporate Communications at University of Amsterdam. The purpose of the analysis was to pick a claim made on a marketing blog and analyze it based on academic research to check the claim’s validity. Furthermore, following the critical analysis, practical examples were to be provided in order to prove or disprove the chosen claim. The latter was that engagement is driven by user-generated and interactive content.


  • Researched the topic of user-generated and interactive content as well as engagement
  • Provided arguments for why the claim may be partially true, yet to drive engagement, certain boundary conditions (use of platform, brand type, story implementation and content basis on user persona research) are to be considered
  • Analyzed three examples relevant to the topic – Coca-Cola, Wendy’s and Calvin Klein’s social media content strategies


  • 8.0/10
  • Lecturer perceived the paper positively