Ad of the month: August edition

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Some months I will be sharing my favourite ads with you. And this month’s has to be one of my top 10 favourite ads, so it is a big one!

While waiting for a TV show that I have been currently obsessed with, to start, I accidentally stumbled across THIS AD:

From a quick research, I discovered that it is part of BCR’s (Banca Comercială Română) new marketing campaign. BCR is a private banking company. With this commercial, it is trying to promote its money school programme and urges people to grow & mainly follow their dreams. If it was not for Facebook’s Translate capabilities (thank you, Facebook!), it would probably take me 2 minutes more to translate the Romanian text that comes with the ad on Facebook. You know how it goes copy, paste, click…

This ad has been stuck with me ever since I first saw it in the beginning of the month and here are the reasons why I find it so interesting and exciting and just overall cool:

The song! 

Queen. Don’t stop me now. A classic. What more can one say?  

BCR managed to capture the best part of the song. The one that is exciting, upbeat and fits the adventurous roller coaster vibe.  

To top it off the kid’s singing and overall cuteness just make it perfect. I am just impressed by how well the little girl’s smile fits with the whole song  

The imagery works well with the marketing campaign 

I, personally, am inspired after watching this ad. I also want to dream big, achieve these dreams, remove my bike training wheels and be happy. No one can stop me now!  

It’s all about being adventurous and dreams. The girl, the roller coaster that we presume she built, the bike – they all fit together in a way that may inspire prospective clients to learn more about this programme.

Tell me what you think about it. Do you like it?

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