Bridge To Enterprise Conference in Belgrade, Serbia


The conference was part of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Road Show in South East Europe in 2016. Alongside my manager, we organized the event which aimed at showing HPE’s new brand and service offerings following a split from Hewlett Packard.


  • Created new name for conference based on HPE’s focus on enterprise services and a bridge landmark in Belgrade
  • Branded all materials for conference and ensure high standard and guidelines are met
  • Kept track of budgeting
  • Communicated and partnered with an external agency setting up the conference as well as PR agencies for development of marketing materials and press coverage
  • Created press coverage materials before event to spread awareness across digital platforms
  • Generated possibilities for leads to sales teams through attendee communication
  • Devised and distributed feedback forms to attendees
  • Ensured regular and entertainment program’s smooth flow
  • Helped in process of creating the program and finding speakers


  • Over 400 attendees
  • Positive unpaid press coverage
  • Feedback forms showed positive experience of our stakeholders

Pre-event press coverage here and here

Post-event press coverage here