Analysis on consumer choices


This assignment was for the Contemporary Issues in Consumer behavior course part of my MA (SocSci) Business & Management and Sociology degree. The main aim of the project was to analyze why consumers make certain choices utilizing psychological, sociological, and anthropological approaches to explaining consumer motivations. In terms of psychological explanations, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is explores. For sociological and anthropological approaches, the individuals’ self-awareness in the social world is referred to. Moreover, it is also debated whether marketers create or satisfy consumer needs. Social media is seen as a platform to further analyze consumer motivations.


  • Analyze and research main concepts relevant to the topic
  • Added practical relevance to research by analyzing current marketing campaigns of Nike, Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, YouTuber Zoella, and


  • Received high grade and positive remarks by lecturer due to use of great example choices
  • Marketing campaigns often cannot relate to all factors along the spectrum of internal-external influences on individual consumer choices, therefore marketers should seek to customize their campaigns and satisfy needs that are relevant to the target market (unconscious needs), to the context and culture (sociological, anthropological) and product category (high or low involvement)